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Everybody Ought To Go To Sunday School


Sunday School plays such a vital part in your child's spiritual growth.  At Abundant Life Center, we offer 7 different Sunday School classes:

Nursery    Ages 0 - 2 years

Teacher: Varies every Sunday


Pre-K / K  Ages 3 - Kindergarten

Teachers: Cecilia Saucedo, Maria Perez, Sheri Mestas


1st/2nd Grade

Teachers: Denise Saucedo, Daniel Garcia


3rd/4th Grade

Teachers: Melissa Hermann, Mia Rincon


5th/6th Grade

Teachers: Sabrina Mason, Liz Pena


7th/8th Grade

Teachers: Rick Miller, Victor Molano


High School

Teachers: Miguel Rincon



The Sunday School teachers love the children that attend their classes.  They take their job as Sunday School teachers very seriously as they understand the importance of setting a firm foundation for their students to have a life long relationship with God that will not be shaken.  


The Sunday School Superintendent is Lisa Cruz, who taught Sunday School for over 30 years.  Sister Cruz's dedication to the kingdom of God and to Abundant Life Center does not go un-noticed.  You can see her at the church every time the doors are opened and even when they aren't.  She shared, “If I am well and able to use my hands, my feet, and my voice for the work of God, then I’m going to give my all for my Lord and Savior who gave all for me.”  She feels that the following quote by Emma Bombeck defines her dedication best:  

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say I used everything you gave me.”


If you have any questions regarding Abundant Life Center’s Sunday School Department, feel free to contact Lisa Cruz by email at