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From the moment you drive into our parking lot you will understand that we are all about people. You will notice people just like yourself. It's all about loving, learning, laughing and experiencing God through uplifting worship with the worship team. You will leave knowing what the Bible has to say about living successfully in the 21st Century.


The culture of our church is exciting and all about relationships. You can connect with people and begin the process of growing in your faith no matter where you are.

Abundant Life Center  has an unbelievable atmosphere for your children. We also have an exciting student's ministry  where young people have a radical relationship with Jesus. We hope to see you soon!


About Us

Abundant Life Center has a rich history as a place for people to discover God and connect with others. Today, we see our church flourishing like never before. We’re grateful for all God has done and invite you to become a part of God’s unfolding story at .


When you visit, you’ll meet people, just like you, no weird stuff here – just common folks trying to live uncommon lives in a way that is real, smart, brave, and fun. We place a high emphasis on helping you and your family connect, and offer many choices to help you feel comfortable.